About The Platform

How it all started?

Bit 600 Avage is made up of a team of committed individuals who have extensive experience in trading and in the cryptocurrency market. It all began way back when Bitcoin was first launched. A group of traders came together to find out everything they could about this new and exciting technology. However, they found that it was difficult to find any information on it. In fact, even to this day, the group or person, Satoshi Nakamoto, who created Bitcoin and blockchain technology, is still shrouded in mystery.

This did not put off the traders. It only made them more interested in the field and in Bitcoin trading. So, they worked hard to find out everything they could about the field and started trading themselves.

Although they enjoyed this process and became successful traders, they felt that it shouldn't be that hard to get started and develop in this field. This is where the idea for Bit 600 Avage was born. They wanted to bring together all of their knowledge and tools into one platform. The traders put together a team of brokers, developers and designers who worked together to create Bit 600 Avage.

What are Bit 600 Avage's goals?

The goals of Bit 600 Avage are simple: it aims to make cryptocurrency trading more accessible to ordinary people. The team at Bit 600 Avage believes that there is an abundance of information on this form of trading, making it difficult to know where to start. Therefore, they have created a straightforward and user-friendly platform that can inform and assist traders.

The brokers on the team are there to help traders to get the most from the platform. They have a wealth of experience in trading, and they know the platform inside out. So, by consulting with the brokers, traders can learn faster and increase the depth of their knowledge.

The Bit 600 Avage's values

Bit 600 Avage believes strongly that cryptocurrency trading should be accessible to all. The team feels that information should be freely exchanged within the industry and new traders should feel that they have somewhere to come to learn their skills. The platform is designed to create a meeting space, where ideas can be exchanged and new ways of doing things can be developed.