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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have changed the world of money as we know it. There’s no longer a clear correlation between physicality and value, and that has thrown everything we know about economics into a vortex.

Gold is no longer the “gold-standard” of value storage. Bitcoin is. That’s why you see companies like Tesla choose to hold Bitcoin over dollar reserves. Bitcoin doesn’t lose value like fiat currencies, and it isn’t limited by physical restraints like gold.

There’s a reason Bitcoin is always in the news these days. People are investing left and right, as are corporations, as are banks, and as are governments.

The world is shifting into a Bitcoin age. You don’t want to be left behind.

With Bitcoin Era, you’re not going to be. Our system has been specifically designed to help people just like you invest in Bitcoin before it’s too late.

Bitcoin Era takes care of all the hard work, so sign up today and let our software manage your investments for you.

All About Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era has been designed by a team dedicated to bringing you the best in Bitcoin trading technology.

The program has taken years to develop and makes use of cutting-edge algorithms and AI programming to do all of your market research for you.

When you use Bitcoin Era, all you have to do is define your position and hit trade. Our system takes care of the rest.

Our System is Built on Market-Leading Bitcoin Automation Technology

It’s not just our team that is at the top of the market, but the software we’re using is, too.

Bitcoin automation technology isn’t new. It’s been around in some capacity for the last five years or so. However, it hasn’t always been as sophisticated as it is now.

To this day, there are Bitcoin trading platforms out there that still utilize systems developed back in 2017. Bitcoin Era doesn’t.

Our automation algorithms are market-leading. We constantly update our technology to make sure your trading is as precise as it can be every time you make one.

Bitcoin Era is Dedicated to You

Everything about Bitcoin Era has been built from the ground up to make it easy for you to use it.

From the UI to the trading dashboard, our aim was to create a powerful Bitcoin trading platform that total beginners could use effectively. We’ve succeeded in that aim.

Bitcoin Has Never Been Simpler

We have made Bitcoin simple for you. There’s no need to learn about blockchain technology, economics, or even basic trading principle when you use our system.

By automating all of the sophistication involved with trading Bitcoin, we’ve stripped the process back so that all you have to worry about is the financial side of things.

You don’t even have to execute your own trades; our system does that for you. Bitcoin trading has never been simpler.

Why Bitcoin?

Out of all the potential investment assets, why Bitcoin? Well, there isn’t a single success story as profound or profitable as Bitcoin.

In the space of five years, Bitcoin has grown from being worth a few dollars per unit to being worth $50,000 per unit.

That’s just the beginning, too. Bitcoin technology is the future of cross-border transactions and investment as we know it. It’s near-instantaneous, isn’t subject to conversion, doesn’t recognize governmental restrictions, and doesn’t depreciate in value.

Why Use Us?

That’s why you should be investing in Bitcoin, but what about us?
Well, there are few things that Bitcoin Era simply does better than all other Bitcoin trading platforms out there.

Bitcoin Era Trading Automation

First and foremost, we automate your trades. All you have to do is give the Bitcoin Era system permission to execute your trading positions for you; then, you can simply walk away.

The Bitcoin Era Bot

Our trading bot is the most sophisticated there has ever been. It’s capable of reading and analyzing market data at a fraction of a second, keeping its predictions up to date and in-line with economic theory analysis.

AI Learning on Bitcoin Era

Not only is the Bitcoin Era bot able to calculate complex algorithms, but it’s been integrated with AI machine learning so that it constantly improves its trading accuracy. Bitcoin Era actively learns from its mistakes. The longer you use it, the more accurate it becomes.

Fast Deposits and Withdrawals on Bitcoin Era

We’ve streamlined our deposit and withdrawal protocols as much as possible. Meaning the only thing that is going to stop you from moving money instantly is your bank.

Bitcoin Era is Built for Beginners

Bitcoin Era has been specifically created for beginners. We do away with all the complicated charting and terminology that you see with other Bitcoin trading systems. We keep it simple so that you can trade safely.

Our System is Built for You

Bitcoin Era has been built from the ground up for you. This isn’t a trading system for seasoned professionals with years of cryptocurrency experience under their belt.

No, Bitcoin Era is for anyone working a regular nine to five without any sort of trading experience whatsoever.

Bitcoin Era Makes Bitcoin Easy

By staying away from focusing on blockchain technology, we present Bitcoin in a way that’s easy to understand.

Bitcoin is a digital currency, and that’s all you need to know if you want to trade it with Bitcoin Era.

How to Use Bitcoin Era

Using Bitcoin Era is simple. When your account is set up and funded, the only thing you need to do is define your trading position.

This involves telling the system how much Bitcoin you want to trade and at what price you want to trade at.

From there, you hit trade, and our bot executes that position for you by using market analysis to determine the most optimal trades.

Bitcoin Era is the Future

Bitcoin is the future, but it’s not accessible. Bitcoin Era makes Bitcoin accessible, making Bitcoin Era the future.

As we move into a world that is built on cryptocurrency rather than oil, gold, and silver, there is going to be a massive shift in wealth. You have an opportunity to be a part of that shift.

Signing up with Bitcoin Era gives you the ability to invest quickly. Even if you’re just saving Bitcoin for a “what-if” scenario, you’re preparing yourself for a massive change in the global economic landscape.

Bitcoin Era Gives You the Opportunity to Invest

With Bitcoin Era, you have an opportunity to invest that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

We don’t put barriers in your way like all of the mainstream Bitcoin brokers. Instead, we break down those barriers so that you can start your Bitcoin journey on your terms.

The Time is Ticking on Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a ticking time bomb. Every day, more and more institutions are announcing intentions to switch to Bitcoin.

The more time you waste, the more groups start using Bitcoin to settle cross-border transactions, and the more that happens, the higher Bitcoin’s value rises.

That’s why it’s important that you invest as soon as you can. Opportunity is slipping through your fingers with every passing second, so sign up with Bitcoin Era today.

The World is Catching Up

The world is catching up to what established economists and traders have already known: Bitcoin is the future.

Governments that were once strictly anti-cryptocurrency have begun to adopt the technology for mainstream use.

Once all of the governmental regulations clear on Bitcoin usage, it’s going to skyrocket. You want to be invested in the coin before that happens.

SEC Regulations

The Securities Exchange Commission, or the SEC, is actively working towards regulating Bitcoin in the United States so that the Federal Government can start using the coin for itself.

As soon as these regulations are put into place, the global economic landscape as we know it is going to change. You should try to invest as much as you can while you can because those regulations are going to signal a massive change in Bitcoin’s accessibility.


America isn’t the only economic zone working to adopt cryptocurrency. The European Union is currently working on developing a coin for itself. While this might be a direct competitor to Bitcoin, the very idea of one of the world’s economic leaders switching to crypto is enough to further drive up the value of Bitcoin.

Alternative Cryptocurrencies

Speaking of non-Bitcoin cryptocurrencies, there is a range of different coins available for you to invest in. Not necessarily on Bitcoin Era, but you can diversify your portfolio through different means.

Crypto in the Mainstream

While Bitcoin is the crypto on everyone’s lips, different coins suit different mainstream industries. By having a portfolio that covers more than one coin, you’re giving yourself the best chance at success.

Why Altcoins Should You Invest in?

There are a few different Altcoins that are worth investing in, but the Bitcoin Era team is a fan of two in particular.


Ethereum is second in the crypto market only to Bitcoin. While Bitcoin has a head start on it, the technology behind Ethereum is powerful enough for some people to predict an Ethereum take over sometime in the future.


XRP is a dark horse Altcoin pick with all the potential in the world. While it has struggled in the past with internal issues, the speed of transfers on the blockchain makes it a viable contender for the title.


What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit on Bitcoin Era is $250. The Bitcoin Era team choose this number so that you would have enough to trade without risking too much on your first investment.

How long does it take to verify my account?

Our account verification process is automated and should only take you 10 minutes.

Why should I invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the future of finance. It’s an inflation-proof currency, meaning more and more organizations are going to be using it as a store of value.

How much do I need?

One Bitcoin is worth upwards of $50,000, so you only need a fraction of that. Bitcoin is divisible to the eighth decimal place, so you can invest as little as one dollar if you want to. However, you should be looking to invest as much as you realistically can without crippling your finances.

How do I know I’m ready to invest?

You’re ready to invest when you have enough disposable income that you could burn money and not realize the loss.

If you can’t do that, then you’re not ready to invest with Bitcoin Era.